Chaplain General


The Department of Defence comprises people who are spiritually, ethically and socially empowered.

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The Chaplains Service representing a cross-section of the religious communities in SA, provides spiritual leadership to DOD members at home and on deployment in order to build human capacity that enhances spiritual, ethical and human wholeness. It does so within the context of religious diversity, taking cognisance of the transformation imperatives of the DOD and in support of democratic peace-building in Africa.


To provide a professional presence in the DOD dedicated to:
  • A holistic religious ministry approach to members of the DOD and their families
  • Specialist religious and ethical counsel to all DOD members.
  • Deployment readiness and resilience.
  • A sound covenantal relationship and good communication with religious organizations.
  • Chaplains’ self-care and development.
  • Special attention to urgent social and ethical challenges in our contemporary society such as Chaplain General’s HIV/Aids Value Based Programme and support to democratic peace-building in Africa.

Chaplains Generals

Brig Gen (Rev) M.A. Jamangile (2011 to date)

Brig Gen Jamangile continued to focus on relationship building with a core business being the ministry content delivered by Competent, Caring and Capable Chaplains. This would become visible in the Calling, Maturity, Discipline and Servant hood of the Chaplain of the SANDF.

Brigadier General (Brig Gen) (Rev) M. Cornelissen

Brigadier General (Brig Gen) (Rev) M. Cornelissen (2004-2010)

Brig Gen Cornelissen took the Cpln Service to the next level where the focus of main effort would become the regional and International relationship with Chaplain Services around the globe.

Maj Gen F.F.S. Gqiba (1999-2004).

Maj Gen Gqiba built on the regulatory framework by transforming the Chaplain Service to reflect the demographic composition of the broader society in which the Chaplain Service operated. This ensured a credible service that would embrace the diversity within the SANDF

Major General (Maj Gen) (Rev) J. de Witt (1994-1998).

Maj Gen De Witt was responsible for establishing a regulatory framework into the mandate and policy development within the Chaplain Service. This would prepare the ground for the implementation of transformation that would follow.