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Every year we can report, with humbleness but great excitement, that the Chaplain Service continues to enjoy enormous support and blessings from various stakeholders, including Chaplains services of other militaries globally and particularly in the SADC region and from the International Military Chaplains Community (IMCCC) and recently also inter departmental/ministerial cooperation. So many prayers and messages of support from all our stakeholders (religious bodies) and friends of the SANDF Chaplain Service indicate a togetherness that makes this ministry unique

Continued liaison with the churches/religious bodies and other institutions of mutual interest both internally and internationally to the benefit of the Chaplain Service are encouraged and this year this liaison is included as a Level 1 performance indicator to our reporting progress in the DOD. It is also our intention to meet the expectations required and any additional responsibility given to the Chaplain Service by the relevant authority.

The continued creation of new opportunities and avenues of exposure for the Chaplain Service within the Department of Defence (DOD), nationally and internationally encourages our chaplains to manage the various challenges and diverse situations as they were trained to do.

The performance year 2015/16 has been exciting. The developments in the Chaplain Service of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will be reported on in this document. The strategic focus in terms of spiritual and moral support (ministry) to the SANDF is still relevant and will continue to be a focus area of our ministry. This continues to be a holistic religious approach to all members of the SANDF and their dependents. The strategic direction is geared at refocusing the ministry provision by putting more emphasis on “quality driven ministry”. As reported previously this division still aims, to achieve by focusing on the Character, Care, Competencies and Capabilities of chaplains, to be service providers.

The Ethical conduct programme of the military community, in support of government moral regeneration programme will ensure effective performance on routine operations as well as combat readiness soldiers. Looking back on the year under review, there are successes to be celebrated, of which the Religious Advisory Boards as critical stakeholders contributed meaningfully.

The Chaplain General Division through its functions and operations continued to support the strategic objectives of the Government and the DOD in performance for the period under review. Moral regeneration and Ethical conduct of the military community in support of the programme of the Government continue to be an invested effort of the Chaplaincy.

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Our team of exhibitors was well composed and represented all the main religions we have in the SANDF. We were also represented in terms of uniforms, gender and race. This in itself made a statement of a transformed and well balanced interfaith Chaplain Service in

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If you are ready to serve your calling and your country, follow these steps to be considered for a position in the Chaplaincy. If you're interested in being a Chaplain, please use our link below to find out on how to join the Chaplain Service Division

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The SANDF continues to make a difference in the continent of Africa, not only in peace keeping but also in community outreach programmes. In most areas where they are deployed, the community outreach becomes the highlight of the deployment.

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